Frequently Asked Questions

For help using or setting up LightVR, visit the guide.

Q: How is LightVR different from MyDream Swift?
A: LightVR is a full-scale 360 Virtual Room Simulator with high levels of customization, while Swift is mostly a slimmed-down gameplay injector.

Q: Which devices are supported?
A: Oculus DK2,  CV1 and HTC Vive.

Q: A game I'm playing stutters or flickers
A: Turn V-Sync off from the game. If the problem persists, likely the computer cannot run the game at the current settings at 90 fps, and thus the graphics settings or game resolution needs to be decreased.

Q: Does LightVR enable stereoscopic 3D?
A: Content with side-by-side or top-bottom stereoscopic display can be viewed using stereo mode settings.

Q: I bought and installed LightVR, but I can’t find it. Where is it?
A: LightVR is listed under Software rather than Games. To access Software, click on the “Games” label on the search bar in your Steam Library, and select “Software” from the context menu. If you plan to use LightVR frequently, it is recommended that you pin it to the Windows taskbar so it can be accessed with ease.  

Q: What languages are supported with LightVR?
A: Currently LightVR is only in English, but is still available internationally.

Q: I have a suggestion for improvement / my question is not answered here.
A: Please email us at :

We will collect the suggestions and will soon share a google doc highlighting the ones we plan on implementing and the ones we are currently working on.