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Virtual Room Simulator with 360° Desktop
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LightVR is a virtual room simulator with a 360° desktop for the HTC Vive.

Have you always wanted to customize your virtual room like your home office, outer space, be immersed in an enchanted forest , or feel warm and cozy in your very own living room--with all the convenience of having a 360° VR desktop? This is our dream and we hope it's yours too.  

While we continue to add and build features, we invite you to check it out during Early Access now.


LightVR provides:  

  • Room simulator with freely placeable props, such as chairs, desks, lamps, pictures, user-generated posters etc. Community generated assets can be shared through the Steam Workshop.
  • 360° VR Desktop, supporting multiple screens and web apps. Each screen has customizable curvature, size, position, orientation and 3D mode.
  • DirectX game integration: displays games at up to 90 fps (adaptively synced) in the HMD and translates head orientation to game view for first person shooters.


  • Blended Reality (gesture activated camera pass-through) for easier typing, finding things on your desk or avoiding tripping on the cable.
  • Ability to add your own 3D models and Steam workshop integration. Custom walls, wallpaper, ceiling and floors are made from web browser with pattern from any web page; including Google Image, FB or Imgur.
  • Vive controller support for interacting with screens and placing props.


  • Developed from scratch in C++ with the goal of efficiency and flexibility, LightVR has industry leading CPU utilization of less than 1% (typically, depends on the number of opened screens and content).
  • LightVR extends DirectX allowing games to directly render onto the HMD without unnecessary overhead or tearing.

Further Info

LightVR is a 360 VR desktop and Room Simulator.

There are two types of screens: monitor mirrors showing your desktop and web app screens that display Youtube, Google docs, and any financial and multimedia apps utilizing browser technology. Image sharpening algorithms help readability of text even in small fonts.

Games that are DirectX9 and DirectX11 run in accelerated mode at up to 90 frames per second. First person shooters controllable with a mouse are typically supported for conversion into an HMD 360 experience.

The virtual room simulator supports industry standard 3D formats (such as Wavefront obj) that can be found on Steam Workshop. You can make your own objects, and upload them for personal or shared usage.

Additional technical information may be found at our FAQ.

Light VR allows you to experiment with a 360° virtual desktop in your customized virtual throne room.
Please join us and enjoy Early Access on Sept.14, 2016!
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